Augmented Reality easy as 1-2-3

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At EXUS we have always been passionate about making things simple. Not simplistic. Simple.

Simple does not preempt lack of intelligence or value. That is exactly where EXUS thrives. We build enterprise-level solutions that provide accessible intelligence and make the lives of their users easier and better.

It so was the case when we decided to work on a technology that removes traditional barriers on mobile applications and augmented-reality experiences. First Parallel is exactly that. The result of collaborative innovation with our counterparts in France (Diginext), simply “does what it says on the tin”.

First Parallel makes the authoring and publishing of Mixed and Augmented Reality experiences, a codeless and out-of-the-box activity. All it takes is creativity and a passion for engaging with audiences.

Are you in marketing, advertising, digital, retail, education, tourism, culture? Are you constantly looking for cool ways to engage with your audiences, customers, visitors?

With First Parallel, you do not need to master a myriad of technology stacks or programming paradigms to get your job done. You need solid business objectives, a cool scenario and off you go!

FP will allow you to delve into code (if you are really into this kind of stuff), but it does not require it! And yes, we do have all the cool words behind our engine (Kubernetes, Microservices Azure, NFC, BLE, Hololens).

First Parallel, makes augmented reality accessible and its value as a rapid prototyping solution is hard to put in words.

We will be launching soon at So, come say hi and talk to us.

Enjoy the First Parallel experience.



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