First Parallel Biowhat at Faire Market in Rome

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This December First Parallel attended the Bioeconomy Village at Maker Faire in Rome which occurred between the 1st and 3rd of December. It was promoted by Maker Faire and the European research projects BIOWAYS and STAR-ProBio.

Have you ever wondered about what bioeconomy and bio-based products are? Where do they come from and what can we make from them? Well, one of the goals of this event was to answer all those questions and a whole lot more!

We participated in this event with a game called Biowhat created in the FP authoring tool in order to promote bio-based products with an educational experience.
The main character of the game was Mike and the players had to go through different raw materials with him while learning about these products in a funny and challenging way using technologies such as Augmented Reality, QRCode, NFC and others.

Basically, players get raw materials on their mobile screens through QRCode and afterwards they have to balance them until they get to the bio-spot. In the bio-spot they get a question through NFC about that specific material and they have to answer it correctly so they can move forward to the next object. When they answer correctly to the question they get the chance to know more about that specific bio-based product and/or they can see the product in 3D.

More than 200 people played this game and do you know what? This is just the beginning of our Agumented Reality. Watching the excitement of the people who played Biowhat was really rewarding for us and we hope to have many more like this in the near future.

Stay tuned because more news are about to come!!


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